Friday, September 24, 2010

On the Road Again, Leaving Elkhart, IN

Finally, after 4 weeks, we're back to the real world again.  That is: We're roughing it in the motorhome, depending upon the storage tanks and batteries for our comfort.  Tonight, we're parked in a Walmart parking lot in Van Wert, Ohio.  Whle it seems a bit close to the interstate, it has been very quiet, perhaps the wind has moved the road noise elsewhere.

When we left Elkart, we headed east and north into the edge of Michigan, to a little town called white       Pigeon.   Our reason was to visit an RV Salvage store there.  We found it and it was typical small town junk store. It was sorted somewhat   We were hoping to find some small light fixtures, but no luck.

From Bontrager's Salvage, we headed south to Fort Wayne, IN, fighting the crosswind all the way.  Once past Ft. Wayne, it was mostly east and the wind was to our back, what a relief.   We stopped at a small town city park in Convoy, OH. to see about laying over for the night there.   However, they were getting ready for "truck pull" on Saturday and the park had too many folks around.   So on to our backup stop at the Van Wert, OH Walmart.

It is now 9:30 PM and at last count, there were over a dozen trucks and three RVs in the parking lot.   Off course, Sandy did the weekly grocery shopping and we fueled up the motorhome at Murphy's.  As some folks say, "Stopping at Walmart for the evening is one of the more expensive overnight stops."

We are really traveling foot loose and fancy free on this trip.  We're headed for Sugar Creek, OH for a Swiss Festival, and we have no idea what our route is and no planned stopping locations.  We'll play it by ear when the time comes.  Our ultimate destination in three or four weeks is at our daughter's location in New Jersey.  But hearing what the temperature was today on the east coast conveinces  us to make sure we move very slowly.  Supposedly, it was 22 degrees above the normal.

Have fun.


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  1. Ah, yes, but it is cooling down this weekend. You have one of the better blogs; I enjoy keeping up with you.