Thursday, September 9, 2010

Our Week Off is Ending

We've nearly shot the week of down time and it has been relaxing. Tomorrow, it is the mundane things like cleaning, shopping for groceries and organizing our home so we can move it about 20 miles to Goshen. No big deal, it all just takes some time.

Today we went to Nappenee to see about getting some boards cut to frame in our new TV that we bought last spring. We had two candidate suppliers; one from a friend's recommendation and the other was a heavily advertised supplier, both on the same road about a mile apart.

Our first stop was to the heavily advertised cabinet maker. However, his price nearly knocked me off of my feet. I don't know what he was pricing, but it must have been gold. The second cabinet maker (recommended by a friend) looked to be a two man operation. He had all of the tools in the shop and from the dust in the air, he was certainly making saw dust. We laid out what we needed, showed him our sketch and in about a minutes, he had a price. It pays to listen to friends recommendations, as his price was one fifth of the first cabinet maker. It didn't take long to decide.

With that task settled, we headed back to Elkhart, stopping on the way at a road side fruit market that had an ad for fresh blueberries. Sorry, but he sold out of them last week. What a disappointment.

We sure do love this mild weather. No Air Conditioning needed!


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  1. Hi Gene,
    You do a nice job of blogging. I enjoy reading about your travels and such; yes, there are days that you just have to do the laundry and grocery shopping. Hope we can see you in Florida this winter. Regina