Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Dinner Out, Nice.

Today was to be an off day, house work etc.   In the end, very little house work was done.

After an early lunch, we headed for Millersburg to do our laundry plus grocery shopping plus get some screws.  Okay, we found the laundramat (nice, but they wanted gold coins).  It was $2.00 a load, which is more than we had ever paid.   It was then off to Walmart for groceries.  No problem, we've been there before.

The hardware store was hidden away in the downtown area, but the Garmin GPS did a nice job of locating it.   Parking was something else, as nothing was level.   However, the store didn't have the length of screw I wanted, so we took the best they had and I hope we can make it work.

I forgot to mention that on the way to Millersburg, we went the long way by two businesses that were a "must see" in Sandy's mind.   The first one was a hand forging operation, which I was expecting to be using heat and molten metal.   No heat was involved in the operation.   They have a flat mold of the desired pattern and then they  beat the aluminum plate into the pattern, using a hammer.  I guess we have some of their coasters purchased years ago from some store.   But it was interesting and if you wanted to, you could buy a blank and supposedly beat it into shape yourself.

We then moved on to the next major tourist trap.  It was a store with more clap-trap on multiple levels in three different but connected buildings.  I found a chair near the entrance and made myself comfortable people watching while Sandy examined the stores contents.  Eventually she returned and commented that    "It was just STUFF--   And we don't have room for more STUFF in the RV."   Speaking of stuff, about 2 weeks ago, Sandy acquired two small items that were to be mementos for our granddaughters.  The problem now is that they were so small, she can't find them.  She has about 2 or 3 weeks before we arrive at their house.

Back at the rig, we unloaded the clothes and groceries and relaxed for a while.   Sandy had commented a couple of days ago that she hoped we could find time to have a "Good Amish Dinner while we were here".  So tonight was the night out.   We went to what appears to be the number one establishment here in Walnut Creek and we were not disappointed.   The service was excellent, the acoustics in the dinning room were great and the food outstanding   Plus the prices were well below what I  had expected!

So now we're back at the rig, relaxing and beating on the keyboard or the mouse.   The news isn't until 11 PM, so we usually pass on it in the evening.  The Eastern and Pacific time zone news at night is at 11 PM, which is past my bedtime.  Even if I stayed up to see it, we wouldn't hear it!


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