Thursday, September 23, 2010

Our Last Day in Elkhart, Indiana

It has been a busy week for us since Sunday night.  We have been hosting a computer Workshop for our Escapee friends.  It represents a cross section of America from extremely talented people to those that do know how to power it up  (You gotta plug it in first.)  Most of the folks were reasonably skilled, especially that they could get their email.

The workshop was over last night and then we went for a "farewell dinner" at a nearby restaurant.  The service was so so, the food excellent and the meal size just too much!  We brought half of our lasagna home and it was our dinner meal tonight.   I suspect that it is a case that the food is a minor part of the meal price, so they make sure to overwhelm you with food so that you leave feeling stuffed.   (We did learn that for breakfast, if you order 2 eggs, you get 4 eggs.)

Today was our wind-down day, so the plan said.  But plans seem to change and Sandy spent almost the entire day helping a lady understand her Windows 7 Windows Live Mail system.  We probably set ourselves up by letting her change from AOL mail to G mail.  So she had many new things.  For starters, she previously only picked up her email online.  Now she can get it and then read/reply while off line.

We also set her Grail up to import her AOL mail.  Suddenly she had hundreds of old emails that were re-dated to today.  And to make matters worse, the old AOL mail was no longer on her AOL account.  It means her routine has too change, which is hard for people accept.  Nothing was said, but I don't think she was pleased.

We leave tomorrow and we don't even know where we're heading or what route, other than it is to the southeast towards Sugar Creek, Ohio.  There is a festival there next weekend that we're intending to attend.


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  1. Serving size! And we wonder why TV shows like the Biggest Loser are so popular. As a tour guide I often take groups to all you can eat places. I am amazed by how much food people take .... and later in the day people are tuckered out they are as we walk among tourist sites.