Tuesday, September 21, 2010

We have a working Battery again

For the last 3 weeks, we have had a few starting problems with our new Honda CR-V.  A week ago, we took it to  the local Honda dealer to have it fixed.  Their decision was that the battery wasn't bad. They have this handi-dandy computerized electronic tester that they can snap on the posts and it tells them everything you'd want to know about the battery.  It's decision was that it was a "like new" battery.  So what is a dumb customer to say?   Since we were going to be in the area for another week, we left with a return appointment scheduled.

Today was the return appointment day.  Since the first appointment, the car has let us down just about every day.  However, we've learned a little bit about it also.  If I would hit the starter button 2 or 3 times after the failure, it would finally turn over (very slowly) and start. We took it back to them this morning and as I was about to leave, their tech got in to drive it away.  Bingo, it didn't start for him until  he hit the starter a couple of times.  The check in attendant agreed that it had a problem.

At noon, they called and picked me up, it was ready.  Bingo, the fantastic battery tester agreed that it was a bad battery and we now have a new battery.  Thankfully, we were staying in the area for a few days.    Last night Sandy even commented that it was the pits when you have your doubts if the car will start.

We are in the area for a computer training workshop, led by Sandy and myself.  It is a group from the Escapee RV Club, who's rally we attended last week.  We have a dozen rigs and 19 people is the sessions.  It is a very  interesting mix of people and Sandy is very happy to use her teaching skills to help them out.  I think she is a bit disappointed that they aren't as enthusiastic with some of the programs as she is.  (But it is different strokes for different folks.)  And I'm one of her less enthusiastic folks when it comes to Windows 7.

I lead a session on mapping programs, but then I passed most of the effort off to a friend.  We had a demo copy of Microsoft's new Streets and Trips 2010 and Roger has been using it for some time.  So while it was on my computer, Roger was with me as we showed them how it did many traveler functions.   Streets & Trips 2010 now has the same capabilities as Delorme's Street Atlas when it comes to showing customer added layers.  The big difference is that in Delorme, you have to uniquely download each layer you want.  In Street & Trips, you get the data as one "mega-file" of nearly 5 megabytes.  You get everything, like or want it or not.  Everything is hidden until you want to show it.  I think I could love it! (Even if it is a MS product.)

Tonight we had a pizza dinner for the group and after I got back to the motorhome, I sat down in my easy chair and promptly fell asleep, only to wake up for the 10 pm news, which I didn't watch, but showered and made ready for bed.  So now I'm banging on the keyboard, hoping to be able to sleep in a little while.

Life is a blast, especially  when we're having fun.  More on the computer workshop tomorrow.


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