Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Between Rallies in Elkhart, IN

We decided last week to remain here at Elkhart Campground in Elkhart verses heading out a hundred miles and find another one. So we have been trying to make good use of our time here. (But not really succeeding.) That is, we do something, but we also spend a lot of the day back at the rig.

Today, we went to the Shipsawana Flea market, which is about 40 acres of fleas. It is mostly nick-nack stuff which no one needs. But we found it interesting to walk all of the market streets and study the vendors and the people.

After we tired of the market, we went to the local "all things to all people" store that has just about all you'd want, especially if you were from Amish country. We picked up some bananas for a noon snack and Sandy decided she just had to have another sweatshirt. I was looking for a replacement hat, but they didn't have anything that fit my style

We then stopped at the local bulk food grocery store. It had about a dozen buggies tied up on the side of the building plus about 50 cars in the lot - it was nearly full. My guess is that all of the locals were shopping before they started baking for the weekend.

One would have expected that this campground would be slowing down now since it is after Labor Day, but not so. We do know that the Escapee Elks are having a rally here now and there are a number of daytime travelers stopping. ( We can see the entry road and while there is no lineup, there does seem to be a constant flow of rigs arriving in the afternoon and departing in the morning.

The weather this week has been great. About 50 at night which makes for great sleeping and 70 to 75 during the day. Just about right.


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