Saturday, September 18, 2010

Nappanee Apple Festival

We moved from the fairgrounds at Goshen at the conclusion of the Escapade yesterday back to the Elkhart Campground, where we had already spent 2 weeks a while back   So back here again to spend another week.  Considering how much I dislike staying in private parks, it is amazing that I'm here.  But we're hosting a computer workshop next week here, so the reason.

Today I suggested to Sandy that we do something different and become tourist for once.  So off we went to Nappanee, IN to see what their Apple Festival was like. It is 20 miles south of here and a very nice Amish community that we have been through many times before.

The parade was a typical small town parade.   It had the usual color guard, grand marshal and the local  high school band to start it off.  Then they brought the local fire trucks, all of them.   We didn't count them, but for a small town of about 2000 souls, they had enough equipment.  What really surprised me was that they have a ladder truck that could look  down on the water tower (I think).  It was huge by my rural standards.

After the parade, we walked around to some of the displays in the heart of town before deciding that we'd seen enough.  It was then back to the car (a very long walk) and off to a local cabinet maker that had made some parts for our TV mount.    He was still at the festival, so while we waited, we called our daughters to catch up on what is happening in their world.

It was way past lunch time and we headed back to our motorhome and found ourselves at their antique equipment display in the park.  So we reversed course, found a McDonald's for a quick lunch and then went to the antique engine display.  (We'll talk more about that tomorrow.)

We had seen most of the antique equipment when it began to rain, so we beat a hasty retreat to the car and left.  We stopped at a quilt show so that Sandy could get her fix on indoor things while Gene rested in the car.

Driving back to Elkhart, we decided to stay off of the main highway and took a very good oil road.  However, after about 5 miles, I got tired of stopping at every intersection (4 way stop), so we headed for the highway and back to the motorhome.

It was a very pleasant day.


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