Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Escapade 2010 is History!

It's all over but some of the late shouting.  After being given beautiful weather all week, mother nature really threw us a curve ball today.   It was windy, cold and with a light mist, and with a heavy down pour a couple of times. It was not enjoyable to be out in it.

Sandy's computer class went pretty well I think.  At least there was not a show stopper such that I got involved. (For that, we're always very happy.)  The panel on Boondocking that I was a member of seemed to  have a very receptive and friendly audience.  Boondocking seems to have a lot of interest.  

It was then the Closing Ceremony  this afternoon and a party tonight.  Sandy and I decided it was too cold to walk the half mile so we are staying home.  

Tomorrow we move back to the Elkhart Campground in Elkhart where we're hosting a computer workshop for 3 days next week.   The numbers are very small (16), but we decided that it was enough to do it.

Sandy's seminar went well for her, but she did notice that there were a number of "no shows", that is,  people that said they'd be there and then didn't come.   But she had enough walk-ins to take all of the empty seats so that it looked like a well attended class.

Tonight, we're  unwinding in our motorhome, keeping the  keyboards happy.


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