Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Rally is Winding Down

It has been an interesting week here at the Escapade.  Obviously, I have some strong opinions about some of the  changes that have been made such as:  Fewer seminar choices for each session, 90 minute seminars, doing door prizes during the normal social hour time!  Also, much less evening entertainment.   I guess I'm just an old "stuck in the mud" fellow.

Today, be blew the budget and bought a top of the line brake controller.  It works off of the motorhome air brakes and I'm certain I'll love it.  We purchased it at noon, he was to show up at 5, but showed up at 2 and had it done by 5 pm.  He was skinny enough that he did the under body work without using a jack.

Last night we watched a program on touring in the southwest and tonight another program on touring in the northwest.   We know the couple that did the presentation and we're ready to do more western travel.  There is a lot  out there that we haven't seen yet.

Tomorrow is Sandy's big day, leading a workshop on "Using Open Office".   Maybe she will relax some after it is over.  My big day is being on a panel tomorrow morning on "Boondocking".  We're allowed only 90 minutes and I'm sure we could use 90 minutes times two.

We trust all  is well with our friends.


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  1. Hmmm. Prefer not to sit through a 90 minute session unless you are the presenter. Very interesting. :)