Saturday, September 11, 2010

We arrived at the Goshen Fairgrounds this morning

Since Sandy has to sign people up on Sunday if they want to attend her seminar, we decided that we needed to arrive a day early, so today was the day. We made no special effort to get out of the Elkhart Campground early and ended up leaving at 8:50 AM, or a normal departure.

We headed east and then south, picking up a road that would bring us into Goshen from the north. Well, that was the plan. We were behind a big flat bed semi with a big concrete arc laying on it and his speed was about our speed, so I didn't try to pass him. As we neared highway 120, he stopped right in the middle of the bridge. Traffic was moving north on the other lane, so we decided to sit tight as traffic backup for a mile or two.

They had a big crane floating on the river that turned to lift the package off of the semi, but then it hesitated. Finally, the flagmen decided to wave us around. That was the good news, the bad news was that when we arrived at the light at highway 120, we were stopped for road re-surfacing. We just happened to arrive when they were scrapping or tearing up the old asphalt on the highway at the intersection. They were letting east-west traffic thru, but no north-south traffic. Again, after about a 20 minute wait, we were cleared to go.

As we floated south past Bristol, we picked up highway 20 going east. It was no big deal until we arrived at our next turn and was met with a "Road Closed, Bridge Out" sign. Talk about a bummer. The good news was that we were able to travel on good (but narrow) county blacktop to the county fairgrounds. It was about 10 miles and probably 10 turns, but we made it.

Once on the fairgrounds, we were parked in short order even though it started to rain lightly. As we attempted to unhook our Honda, we were thrown another curve ball, the battery was dead (or acted that way). So it was jumper cable time again. I'm not sure if it is a bad battery or a poor connection, but the good news is that we don't need the car all week. Then it will be Honda's problem back at Elkhart!

The weather has turned cool and rainy here in Goshen. The good news is that the rain is over, they say!


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