Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Mid Escapade and we're busy

We're composing this online, so it shall be short.

It has been a busy Sunday, Monday and Tuesday for us. The organizers seem to have forgotten one cardinal rule, "The mind can only learn as long as the seat can endure the sitting." And some bright soul decided that the sessions ought to be 90 minutes long verses 60 minutes for previous years. To make matters more strained, the folding chairs do not have good padded seats. (No padding at all.)

I have a few other choice opinions that I'll keep to myself for the time being. I intend to submit them on the comment sheets (and I'll sign my name.) But for now, this is one of the poor Escapades we have attended!

We are getting our walking in, as we had expected. We're parked on the outer fringe of the parking area and we probably have about a half mile walk to get to the sessions. They do have a tram running a loop to service all of the areas. It just take too long to make the loop.

We have a battery problem with out Honda, so today I made an appointment with Elkhart Honda. Then I measured the voltage and then tried to start it. To my surprise, it started. We ran it a few minutes before turning it off. I've only used my jumper cables about 5 times in the last week, which is just too often. The last straw was when we were out running about before stopping for gas as we headed for the motorhome. Bingo, when we wanted to leave, it wouldn't turn the engine over. I was a bit ticked off!

There is a well used train tracks about a quarter of a mile south of us and we are getting plenty used to the sound of passing trains (at high speed). They don't use the train whistle at night, but the 6 AM express announces every cross street to us.

The weather has been fantastic!


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  1. Your battery problems make me glad that my best source of recharging is bananas. Gaterade is a close second.