Saturday, September 25, 2010

Millersburg Ohio Walmart

We  only did a 160 miles today,  really very short.  But we earned it on the last 40 miles in these Ohio hillls  The roads  are very narrow and winding.  But very smooth.  We were concerned that we were going to be too early so we stopped for 2 hours at a rest stop.  That is rare one for us.

Tonight is another Walmart stop (tomorrow we treat  Sandy to another week in an RV park).  We're in this area to attend a festival called  Swiss Valley Festival.   The weather has been great.  It was a bit cool this morning,  but we made it. (I missed my electric heater and was too cheap to run the gas heater.)

The editorial boards report on yesterdays blog did not give me  very good marks.  Last week I received high marks, so I guess I'm slipping again.  Perhaps I was tired.  I'll keep this  one short,  thus less chance of messing it up


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  1. Complaints about hills? As a bicyclist I am occasionally jealous of vehicles who pass me going uphill who only have to press a little harder with the right foot. I huff and puff up those hills ... and coast down with a smile on my face!