Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Mid Rally Point

We're about to the mid point in the rally schedule and all seems to be going well. The biggest frustration is that our internet connection here is almost the pits. It worked well very early in the morning and again late in the evening. In between, it was really a bummer. I think it is just too many users on a limited Verizon tower.

We're headed to New Jersey with a schedule of about mid October or later. I'm sure glad that it isn't soon, considering the hurricane that is churning up the ocean off of the coast. I'm sure we'll get a report from Julie who lives between Philadelphia and Atlantic City (they ought to be well off.)

The weather continues to be very warm and muggie here, with perhaps a break in the heat wave tomorrow afternoon. Yes, it is to rain, but cooler will be better. When we left Iowa, they were talking about it being perhaps the wettest August in history. Well, the local TV station is saying that this dry spell in Indiana may be one of the driest in recent history. We did notice lots of irrigation booms working as we crossed the IL to IN border.

The air conditioner continues to get a good work out.


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