Sunday, October 2, 2011

Zion National Park, we're here

Today was a very easy day driving wise.  Only about 80 plus miles and almost all easy valley  driving.  We came into the east entrance to Zion and had to pay the fee to come through the tunnel. (We're too tall to stay in our lane, so they charge us extra and stop all cars so that taller units can drive in the middle of the highway.)  The tunnel is a mile long and with a couple of S curves in it, plus no lights.  All you have are your headlights to light the way.

Once into the valley, we went straight to the campground and found us a resting place.  Our contact on the east had told us that the campground with electrical outlets was full, so we went to the other one.  We arrived at 12:30 and this campground posted the full sign at 1:30 PM.   In short, this place is crawling with people.  Probably three quarters of the sites are occupied by tents and they aren't using any generators.  So it is really very quiet for a campground of about 140 sites.

Sandy dug out her old journal on what we did 48 years ago when passing through herre.  Neither one of us remembered a thing about it, other than the walk into the narrows of the canyon.   So tomorrow, we'll see what we've forgotten over time.  One big change is that we can't drive up the canyon anymore.  Everyone has to use the free park shuttles, which are very nice buses.

It has been a long day; I'm tired;  So this is a shorter blog!


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