Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sunday, our day of rest

We really made this our day of rest.  We were not even in the shed except to get our bicycle out for a ride around the park.  I think I also took a nap this afternoon in the chair.

We've got our list of things to get done in the next week.  Bearing some show stopper, we should have it done by Saturday.  The catch is that so much of it depends upon someone else.    So there is always some question of will we get the service we're expecting.

When we leave here, our first stop is at a Casino on the south of Tuscon along I-19.   It is convenient to the highway, has a good restaurant and free parking for our RV.  We'll spend one night here and have dinner with Larry and Carol Siems, a cousin.  Our next stop is Deming, NM.  We'll spend two nights there so that we can make a drive south to Columbus, NM and walk across the border to get some Mexican Vanilla.  Then it is on to Dallas and visiting a friend from our time visiting south Texas.  That is enough planning for now.

The temperature here in Casa Grande hit 93 degrees today again.  By Wednesday,  they are saying it should break, with the high in the lower 80s.  We're ready forit.

An old Farmer's Advice:  Keep skunks and bankers and lawyers at a distance!


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