Friday, October 21, 2011

The SHED is finished, and are we happy!

We spent a couple of hours this morning putting on the finishing touches to our storage shed.  What a relief to have it done!  Perhaps the most frustrating part was that we could only put in 3 or 4 hours of work each day before the heat drove us into cooler surroundings.

The one remaining issue is the need to anchor the shed to the concrete pad.  We have made arrangements for the park maintenance department to drill the needed holes.   They have a drill that is both a hammer and a drill.  It is also a real workhorse verses the little drill I have.

Since the shed is finished and we have some time on our hands,  we are getting a load of gravel to spread on the lot parking area.  We need it for two reasons.  The original gravel is a pea gravel and does not pack down.  Thus it is like walking on (or in) dry sand.  The other reason is that it is a very thin layer and during a heavy rain, past renters have told me that the parking area is a big sloppy mess.  At least a good layer of coarse gravel will provide a solid surface to walk on, rain or shine.

With the shed done, we have started thinking about traveling, perhaps in a week or two.  If for nothing else, we would love to find a cooler climate. I'm tired of these temperatures!


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  1. When you get it anchored down maybe Gloria and I could come live in it for a winter. Then you could either stay on the lot or rent it out. Let me know when you add plumbing and heat and air conditioning.