Tuesday, October 11, 2011

No complaints, but it is getting warm here

We didn't exactly over work ourselves here today.   For starters, it was cold out.  I even put on my jacket when I  went out.  But it didn't take long to realize that it was warming up fast.  We ditched the jacket and later even switched to Bermudas.

We  are extremely low on propane in the motorhome and we've been wanting to get it filled at the tank here in the park.  Monday was a no go when the operator didn't show up.   So the office manager left him a message on his answering machine.   I heard nothing back. This noon, we picked up our cell phone only to realize that there was a voice message for us.  It told us that the propane operator would be at the tank at 9 AM today, 3 hours ago.  Scratch that one.   Supposedly, the operator would be there between 3 and 4 today (daily times), so we were there waiting.  Sorry, but no operator appeared.   At least we have not moved the motorhome each time.

This afternoon, we sat in the shade of the RV and made some notes for future travels. It is hard to believe that  we probably will be traveling in about 7  weeks when our renter shows up.  I guess we brought it on ourselves.


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