Saturday, October 8, 2011

Sunscape RV Resort, we made it

We were up early because it was COLD last night at Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument.   So we had breakfast and then went touring at some nearby Indian ruins.  (You can not walk up the volcano cinder cone, but you see cinders everywhere one goes.)  Supposedly, the Indians abandoned the area and then came back a few  years later when the volcano eruptions had died out.  It must have been a frightening site to see the eruptions and also see some lava flowing out of the ground.

It eventually was close to 11 AM when we finally pulled stakes and hit the road for Casa Grande (south of Phoenix) and our lot in Sunscape Park.  Traffic was not bad in our direction until we reached Phoenix.  However, Sandy did a marvelous job of keeping me on track and in the right lanes as we went through the heart of Phoenix and came out on the south side on Interstate 10.  It was then a cake walk to Casa Grande and the park.  As Sandy said, "The GPS paid for itself today as we traveled through Phoenix."  So if you don't have one yet, consider getting one, especially if you are going to travel to some unfamiliar areas.  (Get it soon enough so that you know how it works.)

We parked outside of the park, unhooked and checked in with the office before driving through the gate.  It is an automatic gate and I had Sandy stand in front of it so that it didn't close on me.   Our lot looked mighty good as we arrived.  It didn't take long to back into position, turn the motor off, hit the level button and give a sigh of relief.  We made it again.

Tomorrow is a day of rest and we shall make it that.  It will be church in the morning, pick up a few groceries and head back to the park.  It is amazing how warm and welcoming a familiar surrounding can be!   We've been on the road for about 18 days and it is time to park it for a little while.

Plus I'm going to like the local temperatures for the upcoming week, lows in the upper 60s and the highs in the 80s, maybe 90.   Maybe we came just a bit too soon.


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  1. Maybe it IS a bit to soon. Here in SoCal it's supposed to hit 100 or 101 on Wednesday. In October. I'm glad we live up in the mountains where it's a little cooler. But you 'll probably be hot there in Casa Grande. At any rate, welcome "home" to familiar surroundings. ( I tried to correct the "to" to "too" in the 1st line, but you can't on the iPad. Weird. )