Sunday, October 16, 2011

Slow progress, working only in part of the AM

We said in the Friday night posting that construction has started.  That was right, we opened the box of parts and peaked in.  Okay, a big jig saw puzzle.

Saturday we got into the nitty-gritty and started putting parts together.  Sandy has been a big help, as she reads the instructions and tells me what to do.  When we quit Saturday morning, we had all of the sub-assemblies done and we were ready to start mounting stuff to the base frame.  But the instructions said quit until you can finish the next N steps in one day.  As a partially completed shed, it is very susceptible to wind.  We can't have that.

Monday morning, bright and early, we start putting the outside skin on, then the bracing to hold it together.  For the initial assembly, the only thing holding stuff up-right is the metal skin.

Monday promises to be another great day, with the thermometer only getting to 99.   So we'll see how long we last.  Putting the assemblies together wasn't too bad, but I was able to work in the shade all morning.  Assembling the shed is going to be in the sunlight with all of its radiant glory.  We'll see how tough we are.

Today was Sunday, so there was no work done today.  The real challenge will be the need to do productive work while my sinuses are apparently reacting to something around here.  At times, my nose runs like a water faucet and tonight, I have a mild sinus headache.   Ah, the life of a busy man.  But we shall keep going.

My gut feeling is that this ought to be a one week job.  Next week-end, you can see how good my bidding effort is.  Once the shed is done, we plan to add some gravel to the parking area.  It is okay now, but we understand when they have had some rainy days, the water kind of sits on the lot and walking is hazardous (or sloppy).  The lot is covered with a pea gravel that has no firmness to it.  We want a more course rock so that when it packs in, it won't move under your feet.

Enough for now


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