Thursday, October 20, 2011

Progress on the shed is slow, but study

We were up before 5:30 AM and out working   on the shed by 7:30 AM.   Actually I could have been out sooner, but I like to watch 30 to 60 minutes of GMA.

Today's task was to install the ridge covers on the roof.  It is not really a difficult task if you could reach where you wanted to go.   But some of the holes are about 4 feet inward and my arms are just a bit short.  But by standing near the top of the step ladder with Sandy holding the ladder, we could reach the screws.  The problem was that I also wanted/needed Sandy inside of the shed holding a wrench on the nut so that it would tighten up.  So those will have to wait until I can find a helper.

It sure is a good feeling to think that tomorrow is really clean up on the shed.   The  last major task is to get a masonry drill to drill into the floor to anchor the shed to the concrete.   In the afternoon, we hung the doors onto the shed.  So tonight, we cleaned up the stuff outside of the shed and put it where it is out of site.

After I gave up working on our shed, I went across the street to visit with a neighbor who is building a shed made out of pre-cut lumber.    It will be interesting to compare sheds 10 or 15 years from now.

We are happy that things are moving along nicely.   We are beginning to plan our trip east when we stop near Dallas so that we can take the Honda back to Iowa.   Tentatively, we want to be in Iowa at least a week before Thanksgiving.   So when you take out our travel time to Dallas from here plus time to have dinner with a cousin in Tuscon, we don't have much time left.   It won't be long  until we can sing out the opening line of  "On the Road Again".  

The temperature high today was only 95 in Phoenix and supposedly it will only get up to 90 tomorrow.  We're ready  for some cooler days!


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  1. Congrats with the shed! I've heard that those metal sheds are like a big erector set.
    Be glad for the 90's, I'll send ya' some of this 30 and 40 degree weather from PA.