Friday, October 14, 2011

Construction has started,

Today we did two remarkable things for us.  Our first task was to visit Lowe's and see what they had for 8 by 10 foot sheds.  We got a simple answer:  They didn't handle the one we wanted.  So our only option was to go to Home Depot for our shed.

The other remarkable thing we did was "eat out" for lunch or dinner at noon.  We made sure we were at the Golden Corral before  11 AM so that the breakfast menu was available.  Why you ask?  Well, they had a special, steak and eggs.   So I had a very nice piece of meat, grilled to the way I like it. It was delicious.  Yes, I probably made a pig of myself, but it was all good stuff.  Of course we topped it off with a final dish of ice cream and a piece of fudge.  Yes, we had enough.  We made up for it tonight, we had a small dish of pea salad.

After our noon dinner, we went to Home Depot and purchased the shed we wanted for our lot.  The clerk tried to tell me that I couldn't carry it in our Honda CR-V, but I argued and she finally agreed.  (I didn't want to spend another 80 dollars and wait a week for it to get here.  Or I could have ordered it online with Home Depot and had it delivered to the lot, with no shipping charge.)   We folded the seats in back and rearranged the stuff I carry in the rear and the stockroom forklift operator helped me slide it into the Honda.   We picked up some twine from them and tied it in and then drove very modestly back to our park.

Tonight, we have the box opened and it is really nothing more than a big jig saw puzzle, with instructions where all of the pieces go.  It ought to be a piece of cake, but we shall see.  Just as with a regular puzzle, we started to lay some of the pieces out on the patio so that we can identify what we have.  Perhaps I  can get Sandy to read the instructions while I do the assembly work.  For me to read the instructions -and follow them would be a near first!

While we were out shopping, we left the motorhome closed with no air conditioning on and it felt like it when we returned.  It was about 108 inside, so Sandy turned on the air conditioning and then bailed out and went into the next door activity center library and read.  Everyone was happy.

One  downer for yesterday was that we went to the evening potluck dinner.  A retired pastor that we know joined us at our table, but otherwise, to most people, it was as if we didn't exist.  Not a good sign for a group that wants to be friendly and have others move into the park.

All in all, it was a good day today.


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