Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Things go our way, Hurrah

Today was a real "red letter" day in our books.   But first the bad stuff, "It was HOT again, and more heat tomorrow!"   I suggested to Sandy that since the Activity Center had good air conditioning, we ought to just grab our computers and go into the library, which we did in the afternoon.  At this time of the year, hardly anyone is around and it is comfortable.  (The motorhome is air conditioned, but I hate to run it because of the noise!)

The really good news occurred in the afternoon.   We met with the Architecture committee about our planned storage shed, which had been rejected 2 years ago.  The bottom line was that the electrical power supplier had asked that the park keep all improvements away from the power transformers by 3 feet in the front and 5 feet to the right and left.   The request did not specify a circle or a clear area.   So after some discussion, it was agreed that the building location plan was in compliance.   For a while,  they were thinking of asking the power suppliers for clarification but then decided to make the decision.  So we get a shed as planned.

Our other big success was to find a bicycle for me to use here.   Sandy spotted it last night on her walk so after the building permit was resolved, I  went looking for it.  It was available and I qualified as new owner to him.  (Any one would  qualify, it was free.)   So I road it home, happy as a lark.  It may not be the fanciest bike in town, but it will work for me.

Our plan had been to make a bee line into town and buy a metal storage shed tomorrow.  However,  we then remember that we have a pot luck dinner to attend tomorrow night, so we're waiting a day to buy our shed.   The conflict was that I had suggested that we eat out at the Golden Corral at noon for dinner after we bought the shed.   But our dietary specialist says that one dinner a day is enough, not two.   So tomorrow we'll round up some tools we need to drill holes in concrete and other stuff.  We buy the shed on Friday and eat out.  (Unlike some couples, eating out is a special occasion for us.  I prefer to eat in most of the time.)

I told Sandy that if the storage shed goes together as easy as it did for our neighbor 3 years ago, we should be able to have it installed and finished by  next weekend.  That would mean that we could leave here if we wanted to and head for Florida.  Maybe we should say, "Not so fast."

I would  say that things are looking up!


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