Monday, October 10, 2011

Getting into the park routine

We arrived on Saturday, rested on Sunday after church and Monday was a work day!   We met with the park manager about the shed  that I want to build on our lot and I think he understands our desires (and frustrations).

Of course, it all depends upon the rules and he didn't remember if it is a "park" rule or an imposed rule from the local electrical power supplier.  The minor problem we have is that two years ago,  they gave us permission to pour a patio and a shed base on the lot, supposedly in accordance with the rules.   When we returned 2 months later to install the shed, they denied our building permit because it was too close to the power transformer box.   The transformer is between our lot and a neighbors  and 20 feet from the  Activity Center.   It is about 20 feet to the activity center building,  so there is no question about getting heavy equipment in to replace the transformer.

The manager brought the local committee chairman around to look the area over and both seemed to agree that placing the shed on the current poured concrete base would not restrict the power company, should they need to replace the transformer.   But the chairman did not have the rule books with him, so again, we don't know exactly what is required.  If need be, I will go to the power company asking for a waiver.  Otherwise, it is probably a $500 bill to add a 2 foot section to the already poured concrete floor.  Oh, the joys of working with city hall (and they are fellow park members.)

We did a lot of walking today and it felt good.   Sandy and I even went out for a long walk around the park perimeter after dinner  (I cheated and cut the last leg short.).  While walking, we welcomed another couple that came in this afternoon.  While visiting with her, she learned where we were parked and said, "Oh, we've talked before.  We tried to rent your lot 2 years ago."   She also said that the absence of a shed was the killer to the deal.

While all of this was going on, Sandy was having an email conversation with a fellow that wanted to rent our lot in the park starting in December.  And before the afternoon was over, the lot was rented.   So we now have about 6 or 7 weeks to make it all  happen before we get booted from our own lot.  But that is a good feeling, since we wanted to rent it.   Two years ago on the 23 of December, a fellow came to our door and asked if we were really serious about renting the lot, with immediate availability?  We said yes.  He said that he was currently in the park on a park owned lot.  He had tried to extend his stay there, but the park had already rented the lot to another party starting tomorrow.  So he needed a new place to stay starting on the 24th of December.  We said we'd be gone by noon on the 24th.  In the end, everyone was happy!

Yesterday we received some really bad news, news that we had expected, just not so soon.  It sure hurts to lose a high school buddy that has helped us more than once.   We had driven him to chemo treatments several times this summer and realized that he was not gaining ground.   We considered returning to Iowa, but the funeral is soon, so we decided that we'd wait until we head for Florida in December and make a route detour via Iowa.   Presently,  his widow has several family members close by, so other than an eyeball contact, we'd have little time with her.  Never-the-less, it is a reminder about our own mortality.  In the meantime, we shall live life to the fullest!


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