Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Assembling the shed, a puzzle

I intended to write this last night, but fell asleep.  So we'll do it this morning.  But Sandy got up just after I did.  I had expected that I would have had an hour to kill before breakfast.  So we need to be moving on to the shed activities.

At least I don't have to drive to work.   Watching TV and the traffic tie-ups in Phoenix just make me thankful I don't have to traverse those highways.

The assembly of the shed progressed well yesterday.  We were able to install all four sides minus the door.   The winds (or breeze) held off until we had all of the panels in place.  In the afternoon, we put in a few more screws in the base area.  Today, we start the roof area.  We're not in a hurry, so don't expect miracles

Off to the salt mines.


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  1. We agree, watching the Phoenix TV stations in the morning is wonderful entertainment, as long as we DON'T have to drive in that mess. Retirement is great...

    We are now in Rover's Roost, Casa Grande. Hope we can get together this season. Give us a call when convenient.

    Bob and Sandi Swanson