Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The building program continues

We were at it again today and all went well.  Progress is slow, but we're not in a race nor is there a deadline looming before us.  Actually there is a deadline, but it is a month away.  I should be done by this weekend.

Assembling the doors and overhead beams went ahead without any problems.  Raising the beams to the roof top height was a challenge, but we solved it with a coat hanger.  We picked up a coat hanger at the laundry and cut two wires to make hooks to hold the beams.   Thus with only one step ladder and only one ladder climber, we could raise the beam up and hook the wire before working on the other end.  It worked very well.

We finished the beams by noon and decided to go ahead and assemble the doors.  It is a great feeling to have the doors ready to attach to the shed.  But that will have to wait for another day.

Today we also purchased a remote garage door opener to use as a gate opener to get into the park.  We have a card that we lay on the gate input and the input recognizes the card and we're in.  However, it is very inconvenient to use unless you have arms that are about 6 feet long.  The remote has two buttons so we can supposedly program the second button for our park in Florida.  But looking at the instructions makes me wonder how?  It is not very clear!

It was only 95 in Phoenix today and cooler tomorrow.  By Saturday, the temperatures here are to be in the high 80s, and will that be a blessing.  No one will complain.

Life has been good to us.


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