Thursday, October 6, 2011

Zion National Park, day 5

Okay, I've lost track of how many days we've been here.  I guess that is okay, as we have no deadlines right now.  Tomorrow we leave for warmer climates I hope, but fear that it will be cooler.  We're heading south 200 miles, but upwards about 2000 feet I think.   We'll tell you tomorrow.

What did we do today?  NOT Much.  For some reason, we were just plain lazy.   We did ride the shuttle up the canyon only so we could ride it back down the canyon.  It was at least an opportunity to get some fresh air.

The weather here the last two days has been a little bit miserable.  Some mist at times, other times it has rained.  We did go to the Visitor's Center to see what information we could get on some parks south of here.  Nothing exception that caused us to pull stakes and move on.   I was hoping that there would be an overwhelming reason that when we leave, that we should take the long route.  But no such luck.  The long route is mostly in the low country, i.e. no mountains.  The shorter route is via the road we came in on, i.e. via the tunnel, stay in the middle and watch your driving.  Plus it is up hill for a few miles.

Our solar continues to keep us in power.   We finally ran our Honda 2000i generator out of gas this morning. Roughly speaking, that was about 10 hours of use on one gallon of gas.   Yesterday we had picked up another gallon, so we're good to go for our stay in Arizona.  (Sunday night we reach our park in Casa Grande where we'll have full hookups and wall to wall sunshine when the clouds cooperate.)

So enough for now.  Time for the sack.  Tomorrow is a big moving day, 220 miles down the road.


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