Saturday, October 31, 2009

Settling in at the Park, Sunscape RV Resort

As mentioned a couple of days ago, we're here and does it feel good! For all of you readers back in the cold country, perhaps global warming hasn't gone away totally. It was in the mid 80s here today and it felt good, with wall to wall sunshine.

Since we were a day late leaving Iowa a week ago, we have had to pay for it every warm day here. The lady bugs are a pain, not just one or two but by the dozen. We catch them in a butter container that has a little bit of water and soap in the bottom and it is instant paralysis to them. Then after we have caught 2 or 3 dozen to the point that they are building up on the bottom, they get a free ride to lady bug heaven (down the stool). I think I've emptied my container 6 or 8 times.

Sandy and I took a walk around the park this morning, looking at the concrete patios on the various lots. We are planning to do some improvements to the lot and before we talk to a contractor, we need to know what we want. Some lots have a nice arrangement with the concrete squares, others have about a 12 by 20 concrete patio and a few have wall to wall concrete, which in our case is about 55 by 70 (which leaves a 5 foot border around three sides of the lot.) Decisions, decisions, decisions.

In the PM, I took a long walk through the park again and then outside in the undeveloped land to the north of the park. I think they've had some recent rains, but you'd never know it by how dusty everything is.

Tonight, no wind and nice temperatures.


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