Monday, November 2, 2009

Getting Stuff done in the Park

Okay, the weekend is history, we've been here since when and if we don't get with it, we'll be ready to leave and our "to do" list will be unchanged. So we dug in.

First there were a few administrative things to get done, like access to our mail box. Gene was at the mail room before 8 AM to catch the mail room clerks, but no one answered the knock on the door. Finally a local friend came by and told me that they were in the lounge drinking coffee. So he took me in the building and introduced me to the mail room staff.

Then it was back to the mail room where Tom picked up the mail in our box plus the new key and gave it to me. We did a quick test of the lock to make sure it worked and headed back to the motorhome. Our next task was to pick up some wire rods to mark the outline of our proposed concrete patio. We then dug out the 50 foot tape and laid out the patio and the adjoining outline of the shed in the corner. They meet with about 6 inches space to spare. All seemed to be going well. Of course, the real problem is just how big should the patio be. It will be roughly 12 feet wide and 25 to 35 feet long. It appears that 25 feet is more than adequate, but 35 feet connects it to where the storage shed would be. Thankfully, we have a little time to look at the outline on the ground.

At noon, a neighbor asked for help to get his wi-fi working so that he could log into his neighbor's wi-fi. The source wi-fi is a new Linksys Wireless N with internal antennas. Our first task was to get the router working. As usual, we're not sure what was done, but it finally started transmitting a signal. My first reaction is that with antennas buried inside of the case, the router is not configured for distance. It works great in of his rig, but at the neighbors rig and in our rig, there just isn't enough signal to reliably work (Neither of us are using Wireless N receivers for maximum distance.)

At 4 pm, we joined another neighbor for a social hour. At 4:45, the contractor called and was in the park and wanted to look at the proposed or tentative patio work package. What a pleasant surprise. He was there in a few minutes and we walked him through our outline. We also shared that we were a bit uncertain what we wanted yet. He took measurements on what we had and said that he was pouring a pad elsewhere in the park on Saturday morning and would stop by afterwards to drop off his proposed work package. Woh, we could see how he works and perhaps have it done in a couple of weeks. It is nice when the customer doesn't have to chase down someone to do the job.

The other task done during the afternoon was to capture all the loose ladybugs that we could in the motorhome. There is hope and perhaps we're nearing the end of the lady bug invasion. We picked up less than a fourth as many bugs today as yesterday and it was warmer.

When we arrived in the park, the weather was about 15 degrees below the average. This week, the temperatures are now expected to be about 10 degrees above normal. We'll take it!


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