Thursday, October 29, 2009

We have Arrived at the Park, Day 9

It was a real red-letter day today for us. we have arrived at our winter destination park (Sunscape RV Resort, Casa Grande, AZ) and we are happy to be off of the road. This morning in Deming, we wondered if the wind had laid down enough for us to travel. Of course, the answer was yes and if need be, we'd pull over.

Because we didn't plan ahead for an early departure, we didn't get away until nearly 9 AM, much later than I like. Driving was very relaxing, with a few trucks to share the road with. Traffic was light. We fueled up at the Lordsburg Flying J and thank goodness we learned our lesson earlier at Tucumcari. The RV lanes were stacked up, so we used the end pump on the main gas pump islands. So we got right in and out. After filling, we took a small break in their RV parking area, where they have slots of 10 RVs. A very nice RV setup. However while we were waiting there, the RV island was full and 3 more rigs came in. It was almost a bottle neck of RVs for a little bit.

Our next stop was Willcox, AZ at the visitor's center and C of C welcome center on the edge of town. We've been there before and like the out of the way location and level parking. Again, we were well treated. when it was time to continue our travels, it was back on I-10 and heading west. Our next stop was a Prince of Peace Lutheran Church on the western edge of Benson, AZ. We helped the church many years ago pour the concrete for the sidewalks and also Gene helped when they laid the roofing on.. It is about a half mile from the interstate and has a nice gravel turn around for us with the big rig.

With our final break over, we gritted our teeth and headed for Tucson, our big city for this trip. Actually, all went well, traffic was moderate to heavy, but everything kept moving. No hold ups or sudden lane changes. Finally,the highway construction work in Tucson has been finished and it was nice. The highway is very smooth, and is 3 lanes each way. It was great.

We decided to top off our fuel tanks before parking for the next 2 months, so another stop at the Eloy Flying J this time. Again we elected to not use the RV lanes and in the process almost got myself into a hole. But I was fortunate that two vehicles blocking my exit moved and we were able to quietly leave with everyone happy.

One reason to fuel up one last time was to check our fuel mileage because we have been using a fuel additive this time. In a nutshell, we did get better mileage, the details in a later blog.

Upon arriving at the park entrance, we had to sign in and then park it on our lot. Per our time, it was nearly 5 pm, so Sandy went ahead with dinner. When I couldn't get any news on the TV, we finally realized that Arizona must not be on daylight saving time. Instead of arriving at 4:30, we had arrived at 3:30 PM. Anyway, we enjoyed an early dinner and shortly, I'm going to enjoy an early trip to bed. It is nice to know that our travels are over for a few weeks. Plus the weather forecast says the highs are to get into the mid 80s next week. That will be very enjoyable!!!!!! Isn't that why we came?


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