Saturday, October 17, 2009

Grounded, short term

Our plans when we returned to the farm were to depart today or tomorrow. Well, as health would have it, we came down with a bummer of a head cold, nasal congestion, or sinus problem on Thursday. We decided that we would hibernate on Friday and Saturday for certain. (Yesterday was not a good day in my book!)

As I write this on Saturday morning, I at least feel like I'll live. We have not determined a new departure date and probably won't until it is here. Are we in a hurry to leave? You bet ya! I've had enough of this cold, wet miserable Iowa fall. Plus as I hibernate here and watch a national news cast now and then, I hear comments like: 90 degrees in Arizona or Florida. That is where I'm headed, Casa Grande, AZ. I'm ready to get some place where I can stretch out in the fresh air and let the sun burn this junk out of me.

Hopefully, next time I'll feel like writing more.


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