Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Last Night in Daughter's House this trip

We've been here at daughter's house since Sunday. It is always fun to reconnect with Beth and this was no exception. I've changed a number of her light bulbs (but not all of them). She has more then once accused me of changing a bulb when I didn't! Is it really a problem of light? Actually, I like the way they have a slow start. Some brands or wattages are slower than others.

It was raining slightly this morning, so I was thrown off schedule. We did the errands around town in the AM. In the PM when the rain (or mist) let up, I worked under the motorhome, stringing my antenna cable. A couple of times I wondered if I was under it for good, since I had to slide down off of the curb and then immediately under the motorhome. Most of the time there is plenty of space, but not near the curb. The cable is strung with about 6 feet to spare. It isn't really tied in place, but well enough for road travel.

We also picked up more walnuts from her lawn. What a back breaking job! We delivered them to city landfill lawn and garden waste pile and later got an email from an uncle offering me the use of his Sheller to de-husk them. At the moment, we don't think we'll do that. I don't need nutshell pieces in the motorhome.

While picking up the walnuts, I finally glanced at the single grape vine Beth has along her property line. I was impressed and after dinner tonight (in the dark) I went out and clipped off 3 groups. I was amazed how many bunches of grapes are on the vine hidden under the leaves. I told Sandy I was going to get enough to make some wine, which obviously didn't impress her. I wish I could, but that is a hobby that had to be left behind when we went fulltime.

Tomorrow we leave Beth's wonderful hospitality and head for a county park near Marion, IA. Hopefully, we'll have some time to meet and greet a few of our friends from church, work and the old neighborhood. On Monday morning we have a blood test as part of my physical of last week, then in the PM we both get our annual teeth cleaning. I'm sure the dentist will say that I need to return for at least one filling. Once that is done, we have little to keep us in Iowa, especially considering the cold wave coming through. Perhaps a couple of items to take care of on the farm and we hit the road (maybe).

Looking at the weather map, the Midwest is really getting hammered with rain and cool weather. I thought it was global warming we were concerned about.

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