Thursday, October 29, 2009

Heading to Arizona, Day 8

Heading for Arizona, Day 8
Okay, I'm a day late and probably a dollar short. I neglected to write this last night. So this morning at 5:45, I'll try for a short posting. (I took another early evening cat nap.)

It was very windy yesterday here in Deming and by the reports, also along most of I-10 to Casa Grande. So wisely, we decided to sit tight. It was not a nice day here in the park either, as the wind blew and it was cold. Our LP space heater ran continuously just to keep the living room area comfortable. (The bedroom was like ice.)

We did take a break from in RV stuff and took the Saturn for a short spin around Deming with a stop at Walmart for a few groceries. Walmart was fairly busy considering the weather.

Otherwise, it was a restful day other than thinking that if I would have just moved on Tuesday, we could have had clear sunny weather all the way. (But it is not warm in Casa Grande today either, so it really does not make much difference.)

Check out here is not before 8:30 AM, so no real hurry to get moving. We could have checked out last night for an extra buck, which we should have done - but didn't. Right now, there does not appear to be any breeze outside or at least no awnings are flapping in the breeze. That is a good sign.

Enough for now.


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