Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Heading to Arizona, Day 2

It sure was a lot easier to get the motorhome rolling along today, as we were on the road by 8 AM. Traffic in St. Joseph wasn't too bad and we quickly were on the southwest corner, headed out of town on highway 59. Surprisingly, the traffic on the highway was more than we expected, especially for grain hauling semis. (They left us once we crossed the river into Kansas..)

We took a break before we arrived in Topeka where we would get onto I-70 for a hundred miles. After the break, we had indications that it sure would like to rain, but not enough to require the wipers. But the over cast clouds gave the impression that a real winter storm was just around the corner.

We arrived at Venango C.O.E. campground southwest of Salina about 30 miles before 2 PM. Yesterday, a friend had suggested it because of the low price, nice facilities and lack of users and it is just as described. For us old fogies (with a Golden Age Pass), the nightly fee is only $2 a night. To get that great rate, we have to do without the campground host and about half of the restrooms are closed. (Since we use our own facilities in the motorhome, no big deal). It was 60 degrees when we arrived, but a short time later, a light rain moved in. I just saw the forecast for tomorrow and it is not for sissies, the high might be up to 42, with a 20 mph NW wind. I suspect we'll keep ourselves busy in the motorhome doing something. We've been on the road for 2 days and our plan is to drive 2 days and rest one day. (That plan is going to be severely tested when I see the weather getting worse as we wait!) But why hurry with such a great parking rate and a 50 Amp connection.

We're away from the big cities now, but we still have 7 TV stations and one of them has the Wheel of Fortune tonight (so Sandy is happy). Plus the internet connection works well, so we're both happy!


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