Monday, October 5, 2009

In Daughter's House and Freezing!

We took our time on Sunday and ended up not getting to Beth's house until well after noon. We're here so often, it is almost like home. Everything except I don't pay the bills, or set the standards. In a nutshell, she keeps it so cold, you could almost free ice on a pan. I ended up with my coat on for most of the evening. (Perhaps it is a very low humidity, so dad gets to rework the humidifier on Monday.

We told her about our plan to install energy efficient bulbs in her house. Was I surprised, "She didn't want any of those queer looking curly queue bulbs. Okay, I think there are more expensive ones with a full globe around it. (Some people have very fussy tastes for some things!.) She has also become an "organic food customer". I had better not complain, as the rent is pretty modest here. Just a whole lot of "daddy do" items like storm windows, clean the humidifier, install a heat register and a few small items (I hope).

We had a long chat on the phone with eldest daughter Julie after we finished dinner. Speaker phones sure work well for that activity. As usually she seems to be burning the candle at both ends. Next Sunday she leaves for a tour of European offices, it is 6 nights in about 5 different cities. They are both flying or driving between locations. I guess I'm happy to be retired.

My morning has been upset. I usually read Nick Russells Blog, which is religously posted after midnight each day. Well, nothing this morning!

Have a great day.


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