Saturday, October 24, 2009

Heading to Arizona, Day 5

Our two day stay at Venango Corp park ended this morning as we quietly pulled out for warmer climates. That is one park that we shall keep on our list to return to, especially between October 1st to April 30th. The price is right.

The drive was very pleasant as we headed south and then west. Thank goodness there was only a half mile going east because the sun was very bright at 8:30 AM. Traffic was null on our way to Great Bend where we found the SuperWalmart so that we could restock our larder. It was early in the morning and we had lots of room in the parking lot to turn around. The other advantage was that we had to contend with very few customers in the store.

One minor problem developed as we headed west from Great Bend. We both knew the route number and there was no other conversation. We went through some familiar towns like Pawnee Rock and Larned and several miles down the road, Sandy very calmly says, "I think we're lost!" We were supposed to be on highway 56 and instead, we were on highway 156. No wonder the highway signs never mentioned Dodge City. Eventually we found a highway to take us south to get us back on track. How embarrassing. We only added 14 miles to our trip doing a dog leg verses the diagonal.

Tonight we're parked in a very quiet Oklahoma Visitors Center in Guymon, OK. One reason it is quiet is that it was closed when we arrived and by the looks through the door, it is probably closed for the season. We're about a mile plus from the downtown railroad tracks and it is apparent that the train whistle works very well this far. They blow the whistle for every cross street and there must be dozens of them. We may have different opinions in the morning, but right now we're comfortable here boondocking (no hookups). (No electric heater or electric mattress pad to keep us warm through the night.) Perhaps we need to become adapted sometime!

Tomorrow will be another day similar to today, headed to the southwest, perhaps close to Albuquerque by night fall.


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