Sunday, October 25, 2009

Heading to Arizona, Day 6

Heading to Arizona, Day 6

It was a full day of travel for us today. As we pulled out of the visitor's center at Guymon, we decided to update our clocks in anticipation of getting into Mountain Standard Time. So we were really on the road at 7:30 AM (too early.) Then we decided that it was a bit too far to Tucumcari, NM on what we had for fuel, so we stopped and added in 12 gallons. We wanted to wait to fuel up at Tucumcari because they have a Flying J and it had the best price. Back on the road, we noticed a major station that had diesel at the same price as the Flying J, but I'm happy with the Flying J, so on we go. But a 100 miles down the road, we began to have second thoughts and stopped to add some more fuel, since I don't really like driving with the fuel gauge bouncing off of the bottom of the empty mark. (I know there is spare in there, but you don't want to run a diesel dry!

Finally, we arrived at the Flying J and we had two downers: The fuel price was more than what we paid at Guymon and we had to wait in line because of so many other RVs wanting to fuel up. Dummy me didn't think to go to the regular pumps until after I was locked in to the RV pumps. Okay, we learn!

The rest of the drive was uneventful. We drove I-40 to Santa Rosa and then dropped back to state highway 54. I love traveling the lesser traveled roads when in no hurry, which was today. Plus I didn't really want to take on Albuquerque Sunday evening.

We ended up parking for the evening at the Socorro Walmart. Lots of space, level and off of the interstate. There are 3 other RVs here. It should be a relaxing evening.


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