Saturday, October 10, 2009

Heading Towards the Farm in Iowa

On Friday morning, we gathered our belongings and tucked them back into the motorhome. It is truly amazing how much stuff we carry out of the motorhome and into her house. No wonder we love just staying in the motorhome. We've heard other people also comment that when they visit friends, they prefer to stay in their RV. It bugs their friends who feel that they have a very nice spare bedroom for their guests. But staying in one's RV is so much more convenient for the traveler.

Our drive yesterday was truly amazing. We seemed to have a tail wind the entire distance and the motorhome just wanted to roll along. Secondly, we connected with the green light at every stoplight until we arrived at the Walmart here in Marion. When we first started driving up to see Beth via U.S. 151, it went through every small town and each one had a stop sign or two and the highway was all two lane. Today, it is a 4 lane highway, with only four stop lights in Dubuque and the one in Marion. We're not really going to complain, but we do miss the Interstate rest stops that are usually every 40 to 50 miles. There is one rest area on the Wisconsin border, which is too close to our departure point of Dodgeville. Oh well.

This morning leaves no doubt that winter has arrived. The Saturn was entirely covered with frost. And tomorrow morning is to be worse, with snow flurries on Monday. We're planning to be here in Iowa for another week or two, so I'm waiting for the warming trend that almost always occurs after a severe cold spell. We looked up the forecast for the weather in Dodge City, KS since we're planning to pass close by there. It was almost the same as Cedar Rapids. As the weather forecasters have said, "The Midwest is in a deep freeze." Last night they said that the Cedar Rapids temperatures for the first 10 days of October have been 12 degrees cooler than the average. Where is Global Warming?


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