Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Resting at Daughter's House

We arrived here on Sunday noon and while we're resting some, we're also doing a few "daddy do" items for daughter, storm windows for one. Prior to today, I was about ready to leave. She keeps the house so darned cold that I need my coat on to keep warm most of the time. Today, finally, with the bright sunshine, I'm a bit more comfortable. One of the little things that I really enjoy while here is being able to use our old king sized master bed. I have no problem with my toes poking out of the bottom and with the heavy weight blankets on it, I sure hate to get up in the morning. It is very comfortable!

One of the items to be done was to put a set of locking hardware on the downstairs half bath sliding door. When we re-did the down stairs 14 years ago, we didn't finish the job. So today I cut in the lock such that it can be locked from the inside. Just little details. Also this afternoon, Sandy and I picked up 2 garbage cans worth of walnuts on her back lawn. The green ones are fine, it is the soft and mushy outside ones that are a real pain. Thankfully leather gloves protect the hands from getting a real stain..

I also continued to run my new antenna wire in the motorhome for the 2-meter ham radio. We've decided that I need a better connection, so we're removing it from the drivers location and locating the radio next to my table and chair. It ought to work much better when we get the cable run to the rear and up the ladder so that we have a roof top antenna. Had I spent all day on it, it would be done, but for what ever reason, we do a little bit each day. Day 1 we mounted the radio. Day 2 we ran the cable up from the basement. Day 3 we ran the cable through the storage compartments and out by the LP tank. Day 4 will probably run the cable through the engine compartment and day 5 perhaps finish it. Like farming, it is a lot more fun to work on it in the sunshine.

It was interesting this evening when Beth came home and was helping Sandy get dinner ready. Then she let go with a real challenge to me, like, "Dad, so where have you put the new lights now?" She was accusing me of changing a lot more lights than what I have. She really detests the curled lamps, although she didn't notice the two that I put in the kitchen until I suggested she look up. Even then, it took her a moment to realize that they were new. (I only changed 2 of the 4 lamps.) After dinner, she went into the living room and turned on the switch and let out another gasp! For some reason, the living room lights are very slow to brighten up and I heard about it. (Actually, I like it because you don't have the sudden bright light. I can remember when people paid good money to have a slow on lamp.)

Tonight, I get to watch another session of the "National Parks by Ken Burns". I love it.

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