Monday, October 26, 2009

Heading to Arizona, Day 7

To put it mildly, here I sit at nearly 9 PM and I just woke up from an early evening snooze. And no blog written yet.

We arrived here at Deming at high noon from a short drive from Socorro, NM. My one regret was that as we went through the little town of Hatch, NM, we didn't stop. Iit was apparent that the main product of the town was chili Peppers. It is in a small valley just off of the interstate as we headed across country to Deming. I saw a small store front that was nearly covered with hung groups of red chili peppers. I was temped to circle the block and park it so I could have a closer look, but my navigator said, "keep driving". Sometimes, I need to just do what instinct says to do.

It was great to hang up the driving chores early. Deming has a nice Escapee's RV club park and while it is not anything fancy, it is always a place to see friends. True to form, we met a couple at the social hour that we have visited with in Florida 2 or 3 years ago. It is a small small world.

We're here to spend an extra day and relax. Considering how well I slept after dinner, I must be tired. I sure hated to quite early since the wind was breezy and out of the east. What a nice tail wind and we ignored it. We leave on Wednesday and they are predicting wind gusts up to 45 mph in the afternoon. So while the plan is to leave, if the weather changes on us, we might just sit tight. Again, we have good hook ups and stuff to do.

Happy trails,


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