Friday, October 15, 2010

Back to Boondocking Again

We're left the park in Gettysburg and its poor electric service (but it worked) this morning.  Tonight we are boondocking in a Walmart Super store in Valley Forge, PA.   It is a bit close to the freeway, but I think we can tolerate it.

The drive here was un-eventfull, just a bit  long.  Our first order of business when we got onto the highway was to get fuel.   We went about 30 miles before we finally found a station with diesel.   We drank it up.  I didn't like the price of $3.099 but paid it.   We felt better on down the road when we found one station at $3.079 and from then on, they were $3.25 plus.  Okay, so I shouldn't complain.

We were on good old U.S. Highway 30 and it really wasn't too bad.  Much of it has been resurfaced, probably thanks to stimulus funding.    The highway went through York, PA and it had many stoplights, but we survived it.   At Lancaster, PA we enjoyed a good freeway around the north edge, with a few stoplights every half mile.  But we  had time, so we relaxed.

The rest stop we were planning to use on the turnpike was closed so we proceeded to the next rest area, which was the last one before we were to exit.  Our intention was to stay here all night, but it was small, had lots of traffic and we were parked close to the turnpike.   So after a couple of hours, we headed to Valley Forge.

Our intention was to head for this Walmart, but we were in the wrong lane, so we ended up at Valley Forge Historical Park at 3 pm.   So while we were there, we did a quick visit to the visitor's center and picked up some info for tomorrow.  We then returned on the same road and found our Walmart.  We had been warned that it was a hard one to see and they were right.  We gave the brakes a good test, but we made the turn and now we safely off of the highway.

Sandy just read me the weather forecast for tomorrow, sunny with some wind.  We'll survive it.  If we finish early, we'll head for Julie's in NJ; if not, we'll return to this location for another night.


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