Thursday, October 14, 2010

Touring Gettysburg, PA

We arrived here last Monday after a very tiring day on the road.   Driving the Pennsylvania turnpike is a dream.  Driving the old highway 30 in PA is a nightmare.    As we headed east and left the turnpike at Breezewood and got on  US30, it was hilly, narrow, lots of curves and busy.  Not the type of highway I like, but we made it.

Touring in Gettysburg has been very sobering as we think of the thousands of casualties inflicted upon both sides.    I had seen it briefly before and will say it again, "My respect for General Lee dropped after looking at how he fought the battle.  Pickett's charge was a disgrace."

Thanks to our daughter Julie, we used the touring CD to drive the battle field areas.   The CD really does a great job of giving you all of the background at each stop.  The documentation talked about a 2.5 hour tour, but with the driving and stops, we spent all day and only did half of it.  Today, we finish it in the rain.  (No walking at the stops today.)

We learned yesterday that friends of ours were in town, coming from Vermont, so we met up with them for dinner last night.  One of the rare times we eat out.  Today they also go touring and on Friday, they head west while we head east.

My posting last time was much too  long.   I was tired, tried to say too much and my chief critic pointed out all of my grammatical errors that seem to magically appear.   (I do read, re-read and read it again before it gets posted, but you see what happens.    Some of it can be blamed on the spell checker which always selects the wrong version of a word, like "hear" verses "here".  But I think you get the message.



  1. A little fyi of dad graduated from Valley Forge in 1942, and from Gettysburg College in 1948. Safe journeys.

  2. I should clarify...he graduated from Valley Forge Military Academy.