Thursday, October 28, 2010

Saying "Good-bye" again

We have been here at Julie's for a couple days shy of 2 weeks and enjoyed it very much.   When our family was at that age, I never really noticed the differences as our daughter's matured.   But since we see the grand-daughters so rarely, little changes are big changes.   The little girls are rapidly turning into polished young ladies

Our departure plans are kind  of flexible.   Sandy felt that we needed to get parked before the big blow  (wind and cooler temperatures)  arrives here on the east coast.   It has been interesting to watch the weather reports as this latest storm/cyclone/arctic blast wakes us up.   We hope that it isn't an indication of things to come this winter.

So today we're pulling stakes and rolling to the south to catch a ferry.  The non-ferry option is to go southeast into big city traffic, which I detest.   Once we cross via the Cape May Ferry, we'll head south along the coast to a National Seashore where the wild ponies roam. We'll be there a day or maybe two.  We really don't know.

From the seashore, we'll head on south to Hampton, VA for a few days.  they have a nice city park with electric, so it will be pleasant.  The primary goal is to visit the Yorktown Historic park where the revolutionary war was finally ended.   From there, it is a quick trip  to Kitty Hawk to see where the Wright Brother's opened the "Air"  generation.   Then to see a cousin of mine, and ultimately to a little town in South Carolina where our coach chassis was made. (I can't remember the name.)  Eventually, we'll get to Florida around the 20th of November.

We'll keep this one short.  Have a nice day!


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