Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Our Jello Plans adjusted again

Yesterday we journeyed to Latrobe to the post office to get our expected general delivery mail-- it wasn't there.  So we returned back to the motorhome and busied ourselves the rest of the day.  Fully expecting our mail today  (it was ordered a week ago today), we made plans to move out this morning.

So just for good measure last night, we called the campground that we would like to go to at Gettysburg.   Ups, they don't have room over the weekend for our planned 7 day stay in Gettysburg.  (We knew that the week-ends are busy plus it is the fall color season.)   So not to get excited about it, we slept on it.  This morning, Sandy and I discussed what our options were.   After serious consideration, we decided that our best option was to just stick tight to where we're at.   We were tentatively planning to return to Latrobe by car for Jane's pastoral installation next Sunday.   It would have been a full day plus some driving at night, something I strongly dislike, especially on these curvy hilly roads.  So now we can relax and enjoy the rest  of the week.

Our jello plans are to remain here until Monday, Oct 11.  We will then head for Gettysburg and plan on a 4 night stay.   We'll then spend two nights in the Valley Forge area (Turnpike rest area and a Walmart) and head for daughter's family on the 15th or so.   That is almost too far out to make any plans.

We are really enjoying the full power provided here at the COE park.   We have 3 electric heaters and in the morning, we have used them.   Sandy was even heard to mumble this morning that it will be a bit cooler when we head south to Florida in 2 or 3 weeks.  (No electrical outlets at our Walmart stops!)  But I think we can handle that!


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  1. We'll be leaving West Des Moines and start working our way toward Florida on the 15th or 16th. Maybe we'll cross paths.