Saturday, October 30, 2010

Assateague National Seashore Park

We made it after a detour to a Freightliner dealer near Atlantic City New Jersey.  Of course, it was nearly $900 to rescue our home from him also.   Freightliner put in a bad bearing and we were lucky enough to get it.  So it was a belt,  bearings, hub, seals and what else plus about 3 or 4 hours of labor.   How the guy did it amazed me, as he had to stand on his head using double jointed arms to reach the hub from the top side.  The good part is that we were able to leave yesterday afternoon at 3 PM.

We pulled out just as rush hour was beginning and headed south.  We were going to take highway  9, but it had a bridge closed, so we were pushed onto the freeway  and I paid a toll of  6 dollars in Quarters.  (I got into the wrong lane.)

For the evening, we stopped at the last Walmart prior to reaching Cape May heading south.  To our surprise, it was not a SuperWalmart, but we stayed anyway.  The Walmart actually was sharing a parking lot with a strip mall and the strip mall side was not very busy (so we were on that side.)  There was some concern that we might get booted, but nothing happened all night.   Never the less, it must have worked on me, as I didn't sleep well until about 4 AM.   Had I asked at the customer service desk, I would have known.    But by not asking, I could plead ignorance of the rules.

This morning, we took our time before heading on down the road to the Cape May Ferry Terminal.  We were very early for a 9:30 departure, but we also got on.  

Once across the bay, we headed for another Walmart, which I also thought was going to be a Super.  Again, I had to eat crow, it was only a crowded regular one.  So instead of fresh fruit, Sandy says I'll have to put up with Canned fruit for a few days.   I can handle that (I love canned peaches.)

From the Walmart, we headed south on the coastal highway #1 in Delaware.   Sandy was not happy since she had programmed a different route into the GPS last night  (per my instructions.).   I had talked with a fellow in the parking lot who told me that it was a very good highway and I wanted to see it.  As the fellow had told me, no problem this time of the year.  The entire 50 miles is built up with condos or summer homes (and not small cracker boxes either.)   Of course the garages was always on the ground floor, so you know that they are expecting to get a major wash or tsunami sometime.

Tonight we're parked in the campground at Assateague National Seashore just off of the edge of Ocean City, Maryland.  We're still feeling the remains of the cold snap that blew in a couple of days ago, so hopefully tomorrow will be better.

There are always little things to be thankful for.  We survived 12 days at daughter's house without filling our holding tanks or emptying the freshwater tank.    I think that is called living on the edge.  So today we finally dumped and then I measured the water left in the freshwater tank, a whole 11 gallons.  We're getting this boondocking routine down to  where it works pretty well for us.

Tonight, we sleep very well.  No traffic and no question that we won't be visited by a roving guard that doesn't like where we're parked.

Tomorrow we walk the seashore and observe the wild horses here on the island.


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  1. Your blog is great; your adventures are interesting. When will you reach FL? Hope we can see you this season - we keep thinking of looking for another place to park for the winter. Safe travels. Enjoy! Regina