Saturday, October 16, 2010

Valley Forge Historical Park, PA

Yesterday (Friday) we arrived at Valley Forge and spent the night in the nearby Walmart parking lot. Since we had made a wrong turn, we had a brief tour of parts of Valley Forge Historical park. Today, we fired up the big diesel pusher and drove it 2 miles to the park. (We didn't want to leave the motorhome parked in a Walmart lot and give the wrong impression that we're camping here!)

Since we were early, we drove the perimeter in the Honda, then when the visitor center opened, we picked up the CD Tour Guide. (Julie had supplied us one for Gettysburg and we loved it. So we bought this one to return the favor.)

We then drove the perimeter again, listening to the CD and stopping more often. At noon, we decided we needed a break, so back to the motorhome for a hot lunch. (The temperature was 60 degrees out but with a stiff northwest wind that really chills one.)

Even though we were chilled when out in the wind, we were amazed by the number of walkers and runners out on the trails. Plus, their clothing was brief to put it mildly.

We were back at it after lunch and finished the formal touring at 3 pm. We then went back to the visitor's center to see more of the artifacts etc. Life was not easy for the early soldiers Not only were they ill fed, but some had little clothing.

Back at the motorhome, we drove it back to the same Walmart parking lot we had used last night. Our old parking space was occupied by cars, so we temporally parked elsewhere until the employees finished their shift. (We liked this area because we can put the slide out over the curb and have a more liveable interior for the evening.) The general rule in a Walmart lot is no jacks down and no slides out.

My chief critic (and auditor) just reminded me that I made some grievous errors in yesterdays posting. We'll try to do better this time.


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