Sunday, October 3, 2010

Departure Day Again

Here it is 8:30 AM Sunday morning and we're planning to hit the road.  That is if we can muster enough energy to pack our boat and move out.   A weather front came in yesterday and it turned cold, thus Sandy's sinus's kicked up a notch or two.   Even old Gene is moving slowly.

Yesterday was the last day of the Swiss Festival here at Sugarcreek and their parade.  It was a bit different from parades that we have in Iowa.   Here it was led by three police cars and the wrap up was a single fire engine.  In between, it seemed like mostly queens or attendants of various towns or organizations in this area.   And some of them came quite a distance.   It lasted nearly 90 minutes.

The predicted rain held off until about an hour after the parade was over, which everyone was happy about.  We then went to a side hill where they had a "boulder throwing" contest.   For the men, it was to lift a 138 pound boulder over your head, run about 15 feet and toss it.   One fellow pitched it 11 feet, 11 inches, which is no small feat.   For the woman's side, it was a 75 pound pebble, again hold it over your head, run 15 feet and pitch it.    I think the women's distances were 3 to 5 feet.

Before it was over, the rains came and we bailed out for the motorhome. It is hard to enjoy yourself when one is cold with a stiff wind blowing you around.

Today we're headed to a little town east of Pittsburgh so that we can see a niece of Sandy's. We were planning to rough it in the Walmart parking lot, but I noticed that there is a Corp. of Engineers campground nearby.   We may just get lazy and settle in there.   Right now it appears to be a dreary overcast day.  It is hard to get enthused to do anything outside, even hookup.



  1. Sounds Great! You guys are hardy travelers, love your blog!

  2. It sounds like we may have the same cold weather in Kentucky?!?! Burr, I'm cold!! I can sympathize with you!! Travel safe.