Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Waiting for the Mail

Here we are in a COE park, waiting for our General delivery mail from our remail service.  Life could be worse, as we have low rates ($11 a night) and good electric  (30A +15A).    Perhaps the big down size is that we're under a big oak tree that seems to shed an acorn now and then.

This morning we traveled to the nearby town where the mail was to come in and it was a no show. So on the return we visited a nice state park, just to see what it was like.    We decided that at twice the camping  price, it was not worth it to move..

Since it was a light rain all morning, we decided that it was time to work on the frame around our replacement TV.   We're nearly done, but of course we have to leave something for tomorrow (in case the mail is delayed again.)

This afternoon while surfing, I came across a very interesting article on the future economic status of our dear country.   The article  ( http://tinyurl.com/2beolzn  ) agrees with what I believe the future of the country is for another 12 years.  If you don't check out the article, it claims that two of our esteemed financial leaders have agreed that the country is not going to see an improving mortgage picture for 3 or 4 years.  And that the only solution is to cut taxes.

I had opened several web pages with my tabs and the very next one pointed out that the stock market was at a four month high today, almost inferring that Happy Days are hear again for the market.   So you can look at it also  http://tinyurl.com/24dobed    and make up your own mind.

One of the drawbacks of communicating with friends via a blog is that they hear from and about us, but we rarely (if ever) hear from them.  So how about giving us a shout?   We love to keep track of our friends.

Our travel plans are set in jello for the next two weeks more or less.  From here, it is off to Gettysburg where we have another mail package arriving from daughter.   We plan to stay in the Gettysburg area for a week, so it ought to be ample time to pick it up.   Then it is on east, stopping to see a little bit of Valley Forge on the way.   Our game plan is to over night in a turnpike rest stop just before reaching Valley Forge.  that gives us a whole day to tour Valley Forge before leaving.   To extend the day, there is a SuperWalmart nearby on our route as we leave.   From there, it is to New Jersey to see the Grand Daughters again.    I suspect that we'll find them to be mature young ladies, not little girls any more.



  1. Hope those jello plans firm up by Sunday. I'll be in Latrobe then and staying overnight on Sunday night too.

  2. My firm plans to be in Latrobe turned to jello (well, actually melted away) due to the death of Uncle Don. I'll miss seeing you.