Monday, October 25, 2010

Time Marches on!

Here it is Monday morning and the last blog was posted on Wednesday of last week.  This one will not be a literary work of art, but will update you on our activities.  In short, not much.

Friday night we went to a pot luck dinner at Julie's church and then watched a good video after wards.  It did make one think, plus it had all of the pre-requisite scenes from laughing to tearjerkers.

On the motorhome, I've sorted a little of the basement, but nothing was disposed of.  Of course, it is all very important stuff, I might need it some day.   Our backup water pump arrived and was checked out.   The one we took out still refuses to run which indicates perhaps some bad electronics.  We'll carry it a while!

I've put together our travel list of places and have our route planned.   One change was to bypass a museum in Delaware, which is closed to walk-in tourist midweek.(It is opened only for school tours then.)

Our original plan was to visit Philadelphia, but after getting here and seeing urban traffic, it changed my mind. (But a higher power then voted and I was out voted!)   Well, today we're headed into the big city to see all of the historical sites.  It will be a big day.

We have our week planned we think.   Philly today.  Help Dave winterize their rig Tuesday; Do some shopping and pick up some prescriptions on Wednesday; Thursday is wrap up day and Friday is hit the road.   (We think.)


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