Friday, October 8, 2010

Mail Call was a Bummer

Today was our trip back to Latrobe, PA for our mail and then to do our laundry.   It didn't go well.  We were about half way there when Sandy said, "we didn't bring the GPS!".   We have really become depended upon it so much that we don't even have a map of the local area.   But we knew where the post office was.

Stopping at the post office was a real bummer. NO MAIL.  They said that I hadn't filled out an address change notice, so they didn't know that I'm expecting mail at the window.  They claimed that it didn't come in (I think they lie).   The whole attitude of the clerk and first line manager turned me off.  So I guess it goes back to Sioux Falls some day.   Maybe we'll see it someday! (We've never heard or had this problem in over 10 years.)

Now we need the GPS to find the street for the barber shop.   We didn't waste time looking for it and went to option two, find a laundromat.   We found the address and they directed us to the right place.   After finishing the laundry, it was finding Walmart.  We fell into that one so we could get our groceries.

Finally, it was back to  the barber shop address.  We retraced our route and eventually found the street, but it ran the wrong way.  Eventually we found the barber shop, an old time, aged, one chair place.  We had to listen to his stories and comments about the town, the number of employees that the steel mills used to have and what they have now.   It took a while, but the good news for me was that the price was about what he charged 15 years ago.

We finally got back to the motorhome for a very late  lunch and a nap!  Later it was a walk, an email to  our re mail service about my mail problems.   As we were doing dishes,  it became apparent that the RV water pump was about to be history.   So we hooked up the water hose to the site hydrant.  While outside, the neighbors invited us to join them around the fire.   So we got acquainted with the neighborhood.  I think everyone in this campground is either related or old time camping buddies.

And life goes on.


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