Wednesday, March 28, 2012

On the Farm, taking a break

It is great to be off of the road.  Today, we mowed some lawn, but otherwise we did little to nothing. I had intended to finish the lawn mowing this evening after the wind died, but after my second nap, I decided it could wait another day.

We did drive over to the silo to see if the turkey vultures had returned to their nest on the silo roof top but they haven't.  So my idea of a vulture cam can be suspended for now.  We'll continue to watch the silo in case they return later in the season.

We also moved our water barrel out of the garage and ran the deep well pump jack to fill the barrel.  I always pump the well after returning north to flush out the pipes.  It was very obvious that it hadn't been pumped all winter as the initial water was very rusty. But it cleared up after about 20 or 30 gallons were pumped, probably about the amount of water standing in the pipe all winter.

My biggest issue tonight was doing the editorial corrections to yesterday's blog. My chief critic absolutely does not like double spaces between sentences or an extra space between words now and then. She claims to not have a program turned on to put a period in at every space so that she can find them easier. I guess if that is her biggest complaint, I can live with that!


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